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Fort Worth investigates fight in video

FORT WORTH -- Police are working to identify teens who were caught on video beating a 16-year-old boy in south Fort Worth.

The fight occurred about 2 p.m. Friday in the 8400 block of Orleans Lane and was reported to police by the boy’s family that same day. The family provided police with a video of the attack.

Sgt. Jim Lankford said the video, taken from a cellphone, shows the victim, identified in a police report as 16-year-old Atterrest Chappell, involved in a fight.

“The victim appears to have been getting the upper hand in the fight when he got hit from behind from one of the onlookers and knocked to the ground,” Lankford said.

Several people in the crowd then jumped in, Lankford said, kicking the teen while he was on the ground.

Lankford said no weapons are visible in the video.

“We have no indication the fight was done as a fight club fight or it was going to be on Youtube or anything,” Lankford said. “We’re trying to find out the motive for the fight. The victim is claiming some partial amnesia because of a concussion. He can’t remember the motive at this point.”

Lankford said investigators believe those involved in the fight are students at North Crowley High School.

He said investigators have obtained some full and partial names of those involved. He said the names were run through the department’s gang database but no matches have been made.

“At this point it doesn’t look like it is a gang initiation or a gang-related fight,” he said.

Lankford said he is unaware of who took the video but said there is no indication it was one of the suspects.

“I can’t tell you if this guy was a friend of the family or someone in the crowd who thought this was an unfair deal and just gave it to the family,” Lankford said.