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Check out these virtual communities

Put down that remote and pick up your mouse. Here are some Web sites that let TV fans get in on the act.

- Heroes 360 Experience

You can do more than save the world -- peruse character blogs and maps, play games and figure out clues to the drama's ever-tangled story.

- The Tyra Banks Show

An animated version of the supermodel-turned-talk-show host sometimes drops in to chat with fans (who appear online via personalized avatars) about fashion, music and relationships.

- Virtual Laguna Beach; Virtual Hills;

Shop, club, chat and hit the beach in these linked sites.

- Lost

Although "The Lost Experience" is currently dormant, look for a possible fall relaunch to coincide with the start of the hit ABC drama's fourth season. When it returns, Kate and Sawyer junkies can sift through mountains of clues found via online ads, blogs, e-mails and video clips.