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Style your own up-do for prom

It can't be prom season without a fancy up-do.

Getting an up-do at a salon isn't cheap. Prices can range from $35to $150, depending on the expertise of the stylist and the difficultyof the style you want. Add that to the cost of the prom dress - whichcan cost up to $500 and more - as well as shoes, jewelry, prom ticketsand dinner, and you've got a big-budget prom.

So we asked stylists from area salons to show us easy but elegantup-dos that you can pull off at home, either by yourself or with thehelp of your mom or best friend.

All of the styles needed bobby pins and some sort of holding spray.Most of the styles required either a flat iron or barrel curling iron.Expect to pay about $20 or more for most irons. Or borrow one from afriend.

All of the looks needed some pre-prom planning and practice, butwith a little patience and a creative spirit, you could end up on promday with a chic look for your big night out - and a little extra moneyto spend.


Consider the dress. With a strapless dress, the up-do should behigher on the head, to elongate the neckline for an elegant look. Ifthe dress is intricate with beading or sequins, the hair should have asoft look.

The trend for up-dos is soft, loose and romantic, rather thanstructured, hard and severe.

Practice the up-do at least a week before prom.

Wash your hair the morning of the prom or the night before to saveon pressure and time.

On prom day, give yourself at least an hour to put up your hair.

Wear a button-down shirt, so you don't ruin all that hard workpulling off your shirt.

Wash your hair as soon as you can the day after prom to get rid ofall the hair spray and shines you used the day before.

Side Sweep

Model: Gaby Bysheim, 16, of Arapahoe, N.C.

Stylists: Brittany Wilson, Theresa Lyon and Silvia Nunes, Blo ofNorth Raleigh

Tools you'll need: Flat iron, setting spray, bobby pins, hair wax

Upsweep Bun

Model: Ashley Brown, 17, of Wake Forest, N.C.

Stylist: Evette Burton, Sellars Hair Salon of Raleigh

Tools you'll need: Comb, holding spray, barrel curling iron, bobbypins