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40 percent chance for rain during Texas Rangers' opener

Welcome to Rangers Ballpark for the team's home opener Tuesday against the Orioles!

They got your peanuts, your popcorn, your Cracker Jacks, your 40 percent chance for thunderstorms ....

.... Wait, back up.

Rain for the home opener in Arlington?

A Pacific cold front was moving Monday toward North Texas where it's expected meet an abundance moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in possible storms and thunderstorms on Tuesday.

"This isn't the best setup for thunderstorms," said Dan Huckaby, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth. "But it's still a 40 percent chance, which is a decent chance.

"Anytime we get a cold front in springtime, with plenty of humidity ahead of it, you usually have a chance for thunderstorms."

But the chances for more powerful thunderstorms come later in the week, Huckaby said.

"Tuesday may actually be the least chances for rain that we see," Huckaby said. "This front is going to come back north as a warm front on Wednesday, so we're going to see rain chances continue Thursday.

"In fact, Thursday and Thursday night we could be looking at widespread showers and thunderstorms."

The near-term forecast called for a 20 percent chance of precipitation Monday night, but Huckaby said only light rain was expected and it would probably stay north of the Red River.