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Firefighters, police worked together on Dallas arson arrests

A joint effort involving information shared between police and firefighters resulted in the arrests early Sunday of four teens in connection with the vehicle arsons that have plagued the Oak Cliff area of Dallas over the past several weeks.

"The juveniles were caught in the act and arrested between 1:30 and 2 a.m.," said Lt. Vernon Hale, police spokesman on Sunday. "The juveniles will be charged with multiple counts of arson."

According to broadcast reports, the teens were arrested inside a car after officers witnessed an arson incident. A container of gasoline was found in the car, according to the reports.

Police, fire officials and City Council members held a news conference on March 24 asking for the public's help in solving the 21 vehicle arsons since Feb. 28.

They also detailed their combined efforts to stop the crimes.

Details about the arrests were unavailable early Monday, but Hale on Sunday said this "Unified Command component" provided "real time information from multiple sources" to solve crime.

The fires, which included the torching of a Dallas deputy constable's patrol car, caused about $87,000 worth of damage in Oak Cliff and south Dallas, according to reports.