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Personality quiz matches kiddos with camps

How to tell which of those myriad summer camps is right for your child? Take this handy-dandy personality quiz to narrow your choices.

1. When shooed into the back yard, your child:

A. Runs nonstop and climbs the highest tree

B. Pulls out a magnifying glass and looks for bugs

C. Paints a watercolor of the flowers

D. Organizes a baseball game

2. When it comes to getting wet, your child prefers:

A. A dunk out of a canoe

B. A puddle full of microbes

C. A hot shower

D. A regulation swimming pool

3. Of the following Wii games, your child prefers to play:

A. My Horse and Me

B. Endless Ocean

C. Guitar Hero III

D. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

4. If handed a blank piece of paper, your child:

A. Folds it into a paper airplane

B. Works out a math problem

C. Starts a novel

D. Sketches out a football play

5. Your child’s musical taste runs to:

A. Little Bunny Foo Foo

B. The theme from Star Wars

C. Opera

D. Team fight songs


If your answers were mostly:

A: Your child is suited to a traditional summer camp, with horseback riding, singing around the campfire, arts and crafts, swimming and lots of other outdoor activities.

B: Experiment with a science, computer or other learning camp, at the zoo, a museum or a local college.

C: You have an artistic child whose talents can be honed at camps for the visual arts, theater, ballet or rock ’n’ roll.

D: You’ve got a sports nut on your hands. Try camps for swimming, soccer, baseball, football, track, gymnastics, basketball, golf or tennis.