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Excerpts from I Hate the Dallas Cowboys — And Who Elected Them America's Team Anyway?

The following excerpts are from the 1997 book, I Hate the Cowboys — And Who Elected Them American’s Team Anyway?:

Deacon Jones, Hall of Fame defensive end, most notably with the Rams: "I first came in contact, literally, with the Dallas Cowboys [in the early ’60s. Back then, they were led by their quarterback, little Eddie LeBaron, probably the smallest man ever to play pro football. Some say he was 5-foot-8. No way he was 5-8. He had to be 5-1, maybe closer to 4-9."

Billy Kilmer, Redskins quarterback of the ’70s: "Maybe I missed something, but I could never quite understand why the Dallas Cowboys called themselves America’s Team. Lyndon Johnson, a Texan down to his cowboy boots, could be found almost every Sunday in the [Redskins] owner’s box, rooting for the Redskins — even against the Cowboys."

Jim Murray, legendary columnist who won a Pulitzer with the Los Angeles Times: "I don’t hate the Dallas Cowboys. Far from it. Now that we do not have a franchise of our own in LA, they could very easily be our team. The Cowboys became America’s Team because Tex Schramm, their general manager in their glory days, dubbed them that ... [well, actually,] Tex was following in the footsteps of an NFL film crew who put together a highlight film in 1979, and the words crept in there. Tex knew a good thing when he heard it, and the next thing we knew, we all had a team."

Larry Felser, longtime columnist for the Buffalo News: "Beano Cook, the sporting laureate of Pittsburgh, might have struck the right chord some years ago when he paid a compliment — left-handed though it may have been — to Tex Schramm, the man who virtually invented the Cowboys.

'Tex,' said Beano, 'in my estimation, the Dallas Cowboys are the second-most efficient organization of the 20th century.'

'Why, thank you, Beano,' said Schramm, blushing modestly. 'By the way, who’s in first ahead of us?'

'The Third Reich.' "