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VIDEO REVIEW: 'Let's Go to Prison' is criminally unfunny

Given a choice between watching "Let's Go to Prison" and the realthing, the latter might be less painful.

The producers who gave us "The Cosby Show" and "Roseanne" arebehind this mildly dysfunctional comedy about an arrogant businessman(Will Arnett) sent to prison after he is framed by an ex-con who has abeef with the target's judge father.

Once inside the big house, Nelson Biederman becomes everyone's punk- until he inadvertently kills the head of a white-supremacist gang.Suddenly, he's the man.

John the ex-con (Dax Shepard) gets himself locked up so he canwatch his victim squirm, only to find the tables turned on him.Framing people doesn't pay.

Chi McBride pops in as a prison tough who wants to make Nelson his... you know.

"Let's Go to Prison" is funny the way a root canal is funny. Andtwice as long.

Extras: Alternate ending, deleted scenes and soundtrack sessions.

"Let's Go to Prison" is available on DVD from Universal. 95 minutes. Unrated.$29.98. Grade: D