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TECH REVIEWS: It calls, it surfs, it goes straight to MySpace

Users of the Helio Drift can be connected to the world as never before.

Besides making standard phone calls, this pocket-sized device acts as a GPS to access Google Maps, get real-time traffic reports, acquire detailed directions or use satellite imagery and technology to broadcast its location.

The Drift is a slick Samsung Bluetooth-enabled phone, available in gun-metal black and frost white with a slider keyboard for easy access.

It's aimed at the young and tech-savvy.

It has a 2.12-inch display, 128MB internal memory with a slot for more via a microSD card. A 2-megapixel camera with a 4X digital zoom and flash are included.

The phone is enabled for MPD, MPED-4 and VOD formats. A direct path to is built into the software for easy sending and receiving.

Helio users also have access to the Buddy Beacon technology, which enables synchronization with satellite technology to broadcast their location to others on their buddy list.

Many of the features can't be used while driving because the small type on the display is so hard to read. But for the money, an awful lot of services are packed in and all seem to work well.

The Drift is available for $175 (plus service plan) at, 888-88-HELIO and many retail locations.



The Energi To Go instant cell phone charger from Energizer is a new way to make sure these devices keep on going.

Whether on the road or just away from AC power, this is a great tool to have handy for extra power.

Priced at $19.99, the charger consists of two parts: a short power connector and an egg-shaped battery holder.

Energizer recommends using two AA lithium batteries for best performance. Tests with standard alkaline batteries showed that the phone did charge somewhat, but the batteries died before a complete charge was achieved.

Adapters are available for Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sprint cellphone handsets.

Energizer claims that more than 80 percent of the cell phones available in the United States. can be powered by the Energi To Go.

What's great about this charger is how simple it is to use.

All that's needed for portable charging is to put the batteries in the holder, plug the cord into both the holder and the phone.

The length of the charge depends on the cell phone.

More complex phones that play music or read e-mail will need longer.

Cell phones will operate with the charger attached to the phone.