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Cornerback or safety. Where does Byron Jones fit with the Dallas Cowboys in 2018?

After three years, the Dallas Cowboys still don't know what they have in 2015 first-round pick Byron Jones.

And no decision has yet to be made on whether to pick up his fifth-year option.

The Cowboys have until May 3 to make that decision and secure him through the 2019 season. As of now, he is with the Cowboys through 2018 and multiple sources have confirmed he will head into the season focused on cornerback after starting at safety the past two seasons.

Jones at cornerback is a nod to new secondary coach Kris Richard, the former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator who likes bigger cornerbacks.

Jones played cornerback some as a rookie and showed promise covering big receivers. It's also an admission that Jones has not quite been what the Cowboys thought he would be at safety. His athleticism had the Cowboys believing he would develop into an Ed Reed-type center fielder at safety.

But he has two interceptions in three years and he lost playing time in 2017 to Kavon Frazier because of his inability to be a force in the run game.

That the Cowboys still don't know Jones' best position is a failure of the coaching staff more than it on Jones. He is not a box safety. Jeff Heath is more suited to play free safety.

So now the team is focused on trying Jones at cornerback again. The Cowboys are still high on Jones' talent and potential. If they are serious about him playing cornerback, it makes sense for them to pick up his fifth-year option, giving them two years to develop him at the position.

If he bombs in 2018, they could still walk away from the deal before the 2019 season. If he succeeds, then they have secured his services at the below market rate of roughly $9 million for top cornerbacks.

First and foremost, a decision needs to be made on Jones as well as a commitment to a position.