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Two men stabbed in Fort Worth Stockyards

Correction: The Fort Worth Police Department updated the final incident report to reflect the location as 130 Stockyards Blvd.

A brawl, then a stabbing in a parking near the Fort Worth Stockyards on Sunday morning left one person in serious condition and another injured, according to the Fort Worth Police Department.

Initially, Fort Worth police spokesman Bradley Perez reported that northwest units were dispatched to Billy Bob's Texas nightclub, 2525 Rodeo Plaza, at 3:08 a.m. in response to a fight call and then received another call about a stabbing minutes later.

But further investigation showed that the stabbing occurred at 130 Stockyards Blvd., east of Billy Bob’s Texas, at approximately 3:10 a.m.

In an emailed statement, Pam Minick of Billy Bob's Texas stated that the security staff checked the honkytonk's property around the time of the incident to make sure it was clear.

"Billy Bob’s takes security very seriously -- we walk all of our employees to their cars after closing before 2 am -- and our security staff made a sweep of Billy Bob’s lot at 3 a.m. and again later, and saw no incidents or altercations on Billy Bob’s property," Minick wrote.

Officers arrived at 130 Stockyards Blvd. to find that both of the victims, identified as two white males, ages 21 and 22, fled the scene in a silver 2005 Nissan Titan pickup. They were later located by one of the victim's brothers on Old Decatur Road at the Interstate 820 Loop.

The brother who contacted police said that his brother was in the passenger seat of the vehicle bleeding. Medstar was quickly dispatched to the scene and both victims were taken to a local hospital.

Perez said one of the victims is reportedly in serious condition with injuries to the lower torso, while the second victim received non-life-threatening injuries.

Fort Worth police are searching for a male suspect connected to the incident and released his photo on Tuesday morning..