Grenadier Homes | Green Initiative

Let there be light – not an energy bill fright.

Sunshine is a necessary part of life. It is important for physical and mental health. However a little Texas sunshine goes a long way, especially in the summer. That’s why the type of windows you have in your home are so critical.

Grenadier Homes uses Thermal Break, Low E Vinyl windows that let in more light while keeping more radiant heat out. These are Energy Star qualified windows that possess a low U-Factor of .34 and a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .18. (The lower the U-Factor and SHGC, the better the window insulates and the less solar heat it transmits.)

And the Grenadier focus on energy doesn’t stop at the windows. The Grenadier Green initiative insures that every Grenadier home complies with the stringent requirements for Energy Star labeled homes that guarantee a tighter envelope, reduce the risk of moisture movement problems and result in lower energy bills through Energy Star appliances. But Grenadier Homes are much more than Energy Star qualified, they each carry a third-party, energy savings certification from Tex-Energy Solutions and are Green Built Texas certified.

Grenadier homes also provide water conservation, healthier air and environmental sustainability. Drainage considerations, weatherization techniques and extensive use of brick and stone materials help your home last longer by minimizing the effects of our relentless Texas summers.

With a Grenadier Home, homeowners can enjoy the sunshine without experiencing a blinding energy bill.

For more on the Grenadier Green initiative that is available in all four Grenadier communities, including Stone Bridge Oaks, in Grapevine, visit