Carlson Young is having a bloody good time in new season of ‘Scream’

Young, 25, plans to get married in Fort Worth next year. “All of my family is there,” she says.
Young, 25, plans to get married in Fort Worth next year. “All of my family is there,” she says.

The first thing that excites Carlson Young about the second season of MTV’s Scream is the simple fact that she’s able to be in it.

Brooke Maddox, the character played by the Fort Worth actress, was among the handful of Lakewood teens who somehow managed to survive the first-season killing spree.

“There were some close calls,” Young notes. “A show like this, you never know when your character might die. I think it was a shock to everyone that I made it.”

In the season one finale, Brooke was locked inside a chest freezer by the Ghostface slasher. She had to dodge the blade of a very large knife as it plunged through the freezer door and side panels. Whew!

The second thing that excites Young about another year of Scream, which premieres at 10 p.m. Monday, is that it’s shaping up to be even better than the first go-round.

“The first season started with something of a slow burn after the first murder,” she says. “This time, things heat up right away. There are lots of twists and turns. And it gets very bloody.”

In the “Scream” movie franchise, it was clearly established that every follow-up movie must be bloodier, the murders must be more bizarre and the body count must be higher.

It stands to reason that the same rule applies to the TV counterpart.

The third reason that Young loves being around is that she keeps fleshing out her character.

Brooke is the kind of girl who, if she were in one of the movies, would be one-dimensional: beautiful, rich, sarcastic and nothing more. “On the surface,” Young says, “she was a typical mean girl.”

But there proved to be more to Brooke than initially met the eye. It’s much easier to like her once you see her vulnerable side and how loyal she is when it comes to her friends.

“A main goal of mine has been to develop my character more and more as the show continues,” Young says. “You’ll get to see a lot of great Brooke stuff coming up.”

Season one ended with what appeared to be a satisfying conclusion, with Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) shooting and killing Ghostface. But isn’t it always the way? Vanquish one villain in the “Scream” franchise and another rises to fill the void.

The return episode picks up the story a few months later — with the Lakewood Six, as the survivors are known, harboring secrets. Audrey, for example, is hiding her personal connection to the killer; Brooke, meanwhile, wants to keep a star-crossed romance with Jake under wraps from her father, the mayor.

Young, 25, who was born and raised in Fort Worth, says this role has been the biggest and most interesting of her career. It has been so satisfying, she doesn’t even mind the lack of job security.

“None of us in the cast has any idea who will live and who will die — or when or how it will happen if one of us does have to die,” she says. “I’m not kidding. So I usually take it episode to episode, script to script, week to week, because I have no clue. I just try to do a good job and hope for the best.”

In the meantime, Young has an upcoming wedding to occupy her mind. She and fiance Isom Innis, who plays keyboards for the indie-pop band Foster the People, got engaged in January.

“I have a date: April 29 of next year,” Young says. “We’re actually getting married in Fort Worth, which is wonderful, because it’s my hometown and all of my family is there.”

During the hiatus before production of the new season, Young snagged guest roles in episodes of Grimm and CSI: Cyber. Season two of Scream is still filming in New Orleans, but she’s already on the lookout for an acting project or two once production wraps.

Young knows the show is finding an audience because she gets recognized by strangers more and more in her daily life.

“I’m still not quite used to it, but it definitely happens,” she says. “Just last week, I got into the Broad Museum in Los Angeles thanks to a fan of the show. We didn’t have tickets and they weren’t selling any more that day, so we couldn’t get in. But somebody who liked me in Scream gave me their tickets.

“Pretty nice perk. I think I’ll keep this job.”


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