‘Texas Rising’: Olivier Martinez on Santa Anna

Martinez as Santa Anna
Martinez as Santa Anna

Olivier Martinez, who plays Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in Texas Rising, knows it’s inevitable: Viewers, particularly Texas viewers, are going to hate him.

They’ll hate him in a good way, mind you. His character is easy to root against because he’s so arrogant and so merciless.

“Santa Anna is not the most popular guy in Texas,” Martinez says, understating the obvious. “He could be very ruthless. I know that the people of Texas will be very emotional when they see the things that he does.”

When Santa Anna ultimately is beaten, in large part thanks to his own hubris, there is sure to be a round of cheers in living rooms across the country.

Martinez says he is OK with being the villain of the piece, as long as viewers keep this in mind.

“I hope they remember, first of all, I am an actor, and second of all, I’m French,” he says. “So when you see me, don’t shoot!”

Martinez says he had the time of his life working on Texas Rising.

“As a Frenchman with Spanish roots, I grew up watching American Westerns, never believing I could actually be in one,” he says.

“It was trippy to become one of the most powerful men in the world, commanding my own army, even if it was all only make-believe.”

— David Martindale,

Special to the Star-Telegram

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