Ron Corning’s hair named best local-newsman hair in Texas

Ron Corning
Ron Corning

The cheekily named website, which would seem to lead to all sorts of incorrect web searches but is actually about hair and hair products, has released its 2015 list of “Local Newsmen With the Best Hair by State.”

Do not scoff. That’s 50 states, and runners-up were named as well as first-place finishers. This involved a lot of work — combing the web for all of the local TV stations in each state, then finding all the head shots from all the male on-air talent, then narrowing it down to four factors: thickness, full volume, stylishness and lack of receding hairline. (No wonder I’m not a broadcast journalist.)

Then the website’s researchers brushed up on their work by looking at social-media pictures of their candidates.

In Texas, DFW-based personalities took the prize.

Ron Corning, co-host of WFAA/Channel 8’s morning newscast News 8 Daybreak, came away the winner (he was No. 2 last year).

“Like wine and grandmothers, Ron Corning’s hair only gets better with age,” the website says. “His hair can look professional and elite or messy and youthful. This means that whether it’s a bachelor party in New Orleans or an interview with the president, Corning’s hair is ready to go! Now, that’s good hair.”

KXAS/Channel 5’s Eric King, in-studio reporter for NBC 5 Today and co-anchor of the station’s 11 a.m. newscast, was the runner-up for Texas — which may come as a surprise to those who know that King’s close-cropped style, while being well-groomed, doesn’t really represent in the thickness/full-volume departments. But the website explains:

“His hair is as simple as it comes, and though there is no volume, it is still great hair,” the website says. “There is absolutely NO receding hairline, and it showcases his face brilliantly! It is beautiful hair!” (They boldfaced that, we didn’t.)

“I actually cut my own hair every 4 days,” King told the website. “My first TV job was in a small town in Montana. NOBODY there knew how to cut my hair, so I bought some clippers, called my childhood barber back in Kentucky and had him explain to me how to do it over the phone. Lucky for my TV career, I was a quick learner.”

DFW didn’t just represent in Texas. Plano-bred Seth Kovar, currently at the amiably named News 7 Mornin’ at WDBJ in Roanoke, Va., topped the website’s Virginia list. “Look at that mop!,” the website says. “His name sounds like a really expensive salon in Beverly Hills. ‘Me? Oh, I get my hair done at Seth Kovar in Beverly Hills.’ Kovar, if this prompts any new business ideas, we’d like a small percentage. Thanks!”

And Matt Reed, who won Best Hair in Rhode Island, came to his station from KCEN in Waco. But going from the second-biggest state in the union — a more populous state than the first-biggest — all the way down to the smallest state kind improved his odds, we think.

For the whole list (which is pretty funny and illuminating, if you’ve got the time), go here.