Presidential Debate Bingo ... Sin City version!


With Election Day less than three weeks away, the third and final presidential debate could get more contentious than ever.

The 90-minute showdown at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, will give Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton their final chance to trade in-your-face accusations and insults. You’ll probably be able to feel the heat radiating off your TV set.

But if you’re among those viewers who prefer to keep the proceedings light and amiable, we suggest you make a game of it with another round of our quadrennial reader favorite: Debate Bingo!

It’s easy to play: Just listen for candidates to utter some of the familiar campaign buzzwords and catchphrases during the debate, which will air live at 8 p.m. Wednesday on just about every broadcast and cable news network (and also streamed on various social media sites).

The first player to fill in all the spaces in a column, vertically or horizontally, is the winner. May the most qualified bingo card win! You can play our interactive bingo game on your smartphone or tablet here.