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More pizza is in Magnolia's future at Chimera. (And yes, more bacon burnt ends.)

Cane Rosso’s newest pizza combines Heim brisket with soppressata and habanero honey.
Cane Rosso’s newest pizza combines Heim brisket with soppressata and habanero honey.

Magnolia Avenue's Chimera Brewing is now more of a Chimera Pizzeria.

A new menu and new ovens have expanded the offerings and service, and Chimera continues to shift from a craft beer pub to a simple south-side pizza restaurant.

The pizzas range from the simple Margherita ($12) to a Diavola ($16) or brie-and-speck ($17).

The menu also offers sandwiches ($10-$12), four salads including the Magnolia with greens, cranberry and Gorgonzola ($7) and a goat-cheese bread with an Italian parsley-garlic sauce.

Chimera took a few days off earlier in March to retool for its new future as a Kent & Co. affiliate. Founder Carlo Galotto is still on hand (it was originally Zio Carlo), but there's talk of a new name to broaden its appeal.

Investor Will Churchill told another publication that Chimera would start serving Heim Barbecue pizzas. That would match neighbor Cane Rosso's Tuesday special: a Heim "bacon burnt ends" pizza.

(For the record, Heim Barbecue boss Travis Heim said he'll sell barbecue to both Cane Rosso and Chimera. The Heim pizza is one of Cane Rosso's best sellers, he said.)

Chimera is open for lunch or brunch and dinner daily; 1001 W. Magnolia Ave., 817-923-8000.

Paris 7th comes to West Seventh

The Saint-Emilion shift is done.

Paris 7th opened this week, switching Saint-Emilion's French fine-dining menu and wines to a larger and more airy space three blocks east on West Seventh Street.

Owner Bernard Tronche opened Paris 7th Thursday after moving the chairs, wines and signature menu board. Paris 7th is a larger, paneled space with an interior slightly reminiscent of Dallas' old L'Ancestral.

Paris 7th is booking reservations on under the Saint-Emilion name and link. It's now the fine-dining restaurant and home of Saint-Emilion's familiar menu.

(Plans call for the original Saint-Emilion to reopen with a slightly different menu after some long-overdue remodeling and updates.)

As of midweek, Paris 7th had tables available Friday night and Tuesday or Wednesday next week; after remodeling with a slightly different menu.

Paris 7th is open for dinner Tuesdays through Saturdays; 3324 W. Seventh St., 817-489-5300. The new website,, is not working yet; the old menu is at

Everything fits in Empty Bowls, and it's all good

The annual Empty Bowls charity dining festival offered more than soups and stews this year.

The benefit for Tarrant Area Food Bank hunger relief has grown from a "soup tasting" to include everything from posole to desserts.

Best items: the jalapeño-cheese tamale bites from Mariposa's Latin Kitchen. Or maybe the Cajun-crawfish bisque from Waters Restaurant in Sundance Square.

Or maybe it was the ham-and-Gruyere sandwiches from Rise n°3 Salon de Souffle. (OK, so they didn't fit in a bowl.)

Or maybe it was the new Moroccan citrus-roasted chicken from Irving-based Zoes Kitchen, one of the better chains. Or Salsa Limon's new queso.

Or maybe it was the elk chili from chef Tim Love's White Elephant Chili Parlor, or the venison chili from Cast Iron at the Omni, or the regular chili from Riscky's BBQ.

Or maybe it was the mini-sandwich "cookie bombs" from Stir Crazy Baked Goods.

Empty Bowls has grown beyond the original concept, but it's better than ever and worth the ticket price for the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Watch for next year's event at

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