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What’s that restaurant on Hulen Street? That’d be Dixie House

The chicken-fried steak special is $4.99 Mondays at Dixie House Cafes.
The chicken-fried steak special is $4.99 Mondays at Dixie House Cafes.

Hey, Bud! A month or two ago, you wrote about a family restaurant on about the 5000 or 6000 block of South Hulen Street. I can’t even remember a name. Do you have any idea?

— Dona, Granbury

I’m guessing that’s Theresa’s Dixie House Cafe, known for plate-lunch specials and pies. The main thing to know about Dixie House — there are several locations — is that the chicken-fried steak is $4.99 Mondays, and the even better chicken-fried chicken is $4.99 Wednesdays. That leaves money for a slice of Dixie House’s cakes like chocolate, German chocolate, or strawberry-banana, or the meringue or cream pies.

Hey, Bud! Wait — you said there was a change at Szechuan Chinese?

— Diane, Fort Worth

Yes, but not much of one. To recap and add from last week: Owner Herman Liu decided to retire after 40 years and leave the original Szechuan in the hands of Paul Chang, a nephew. It’s the same staff, and nothing has changed. The Cityview location is now in the hands of Ricky Huang from Dallas.

Hey, Bud! What do you know about the all-you-can-eat enchilada dinner at Bigotes in Arlington?

— Alex, Arlington

I know it’s well worth the price: $6.85 weekdays and $7.85 weekends for endless servings of enchiladas, tacos, chalupas, rice and beans. (No sharing, of course.) It’s a well-worn Arlington favorite at 1821 E. Abram St., near Ballpark Way.