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How safe is that restaurant? Search here before you go

Does the foie gras taste funny?

Did your restaurant have good food, but come with an unexpected guest that left you feeling bugged?

Now diners can check Fort Worth restaurant inspection reports online. A Star-Telegram database gathers the last year of scores and violations, so you can tell what inspectors found on their last visit.

Advice: Don’t take the numbers too seriously. Think of fewer than 10 “demerits” as being like an “A.” Under 20 is like a “B” and under 30 like a “C,” still a passing grade.

Any restaurant with more than 30 demerits — a “D” or “F” — is required to fix the worst problems immediately, and clean up the rest within 48 hours.

Watch for violations that can seriously make you sick, particularly involving food that’s not chilled to the right temperature. (And remember that any violations of this type had to be corrected right away.)

There’s a long list of violations at each restaurant, even some of the best. But it’s also heartening to see that some of our oldest and best-reviewed restaurants also have some of the fewest demerits.

For more information about Fort Worth city health inspections, call 817-392-7255.

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2017 Restaurant Inspections

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Fort Worth for 2017. Scores are based on a demerit system. When the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take immediate corrective action on all identified critical violations, then has 48 hours to initiate corrective action on all other violations.

To see the full database, click here.