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Fort Worth has two different Chuy’s. But which one’s opening on Boat Club Road?

Basic Tex-Mex rules at the Adame family’s locally owned Chuy’s restaurants, not the same as the Austin-based chain.
Basic Tex-Mex rules at the Adame family’s locally owned Chuy’s restaurants, not the same as the Austin-based chain. Handout photo

One of the first rules of Fort Worth Tex-Mex food is: Know your Chuy’s.

The big, noisy Chuy’s restaurants in “town square” shopping centers or on West Seventh Street are part of a popular Austin-based chain.

But there’s also a different Chuy’s: a little, family-owned gaggle of suburban restaurants owned for 35 years by the local Adame family.

That’s the Chuy’s that will open next month on Boat Club Road near Lake Country, offering the most wide-ranging menu yet for a homey restaurant known for fresh flour tortillas and bargain prices.

The newest “Chuy’s of Fort Worth” (as opposed to Austin) will expand on the family’s basic Tex-Mex breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, offering more dishes and a full bar with cocktails, wines and specialty margaritas.

“We’re stepping out from the old Chuy’s and trying something new without veering too far off my grandfather’s menu,” said Jesse Adame, the brains behind Chuyito’s Texican Burgers near the Stockyards.

Along with the family’s traditional tacos and Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas, the new Chuy’s will offer the El Chingon burger from Chuyito’s and other updated dishes such as shrimp fajitas.

It’ll open at 8 a.m. daily for big breakfast burritos on those fresh tortillas or platters such as chilaquiles or migas. The lunch and dinner platters cost less than $10.

Adame was in Laredo this week buying items to decorate the former barbecue restaurant on a scenic hillside, recently Mama’s Texican Kitchen.

“We live in that area and we noticed right away there weren’t many options for dinner,” Adame said.

“I’m not taking anything away from El Sombrero or Pulido’s” — two Saginaw mainstays — “but they’re at one gateway to the neighborhood, and we’ll be at the other,” Adame said.

Almost every week, a reader emails here asking about the two different Chuy’s.

The Adame family and the Austin company went to court in the 1990s, and came away operating loosely as “Chuy’s of Fort Worth” and “Chuy’s of Austin.”

The Austin chain is more flashy, but the Fort Worth Chuy’s is less expensive and more like hometown Tex-Mex.

The family-owned Chuy’s currently has locations in Haltom City, Richland Hills and River Oaks, plus Chuyito’s at 1521 N. Main St. The new Chuy’s will be at 9120 Boat Club Road;

Boat Club bonanza

It’s the third major restaurant development coming to Boat Club Road this fall.

Eagle Mountain Tavern is expected to open by October, with chef Brian Olenjack serving a bar-and-grill menu at 7255 Boat Club Road.

That’s the former home of Boo-Ray’s of New Orleans, moving in October to a new $1 million-plus location at 5728 Boat Club Road.

One more brunch

Max’s Mondays are back.

The region’s only Monday brunch has returned at Max’s Wine Dive, a casual bar-and-grill specializing in “fried chicken and champagne.”

If you work weekends, you can still make Monday brunch. If you just didn’t get enough Saturday or Sunday, Max’s opens Mondays to serve chicken, burgers, chilaquiles, biscuits-and-gravy and other brunch dishes.

The seasonal weekend brunch menu features “birthday cake” pancakes with buttercream glaze, New Orleans-style king-cake French toast, or “doughnuts” (really fritters) on a bed of sweet potatoes. (Some items are not on the more limited Monday menu.)

Max’s also is the second local restaurant to suddenly offer poutine, a french fries-cheese curds dish in gravy. Max’s version is a chicken-fried steak with red-eye gravy and fried Gruyere.

(The Woodshed Smokehouse is also offering a beer-cheese fondue “poutine” on its new weekday breakfast menu.)

Max’s is open for lunch and dinner Saturday through Monday, dinner Tuesday through Friday at 2421 W. Seventh St. (but actually facing Matisse Drive), 817-870-1100,

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