Whataburger was too far away — so her husband built her Whatachick’ns a Whata-coop

She couldn’t walk to Whataburger, so she built her own with chickens

Trisha Ruiz built a a Whataburger themed chicken coop in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Trisha Ruiz built a a Whataburger themed chicken coop in Fort Worth, Texas.

Aledo resident Trisha Ruiz had grown accustomed to living close to a Whataburger — like really close.

When she and her husband moved to their new home, “out in the country,” as Ruiz describes it, her biggest complaint was that she could no longer walk to her favorite restaurant, the Fort Worth resident said during a recent video tour of what she calls her Whata-coop.

They moved from Fort Worth, near White Settlement, just over a year ago, she told the Star-Telegram, “where I could see Whataburger from my balcony!”

So, her husband told her that he’d build her one.

But the orange-and-white A-frame standing tall in their in their back yard in Aledo isn’t for them — it’s for their budding community of yard-dwelling chickens and rooster. Hence Ruiz’ self-ordained nickname, the Krazy Funky Chicken Lady.

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In the nurturing confines of the Ruiz-family Whata-coop, their chickens are treated to cozy spots on the first level to perch, and unique areas up top for the chickens to lay eggs. Flaps in the roof fold upward so Ruiz can collect the eggs from buckets.

“I’m not even a huge egg eater,” Ruiz says. “I just think that the chickens are so freakin’ cute. They waddle. They’re fluffy. They’re sweet. They poop. But they’re great fertilizer. Our grass is so green.”

They started with just two chickens, but the yard population has exploded to 15 now, Ruiz says in the video. She rattles off their names like they were Santa’s reindeer, which is fitting, because she also told the Star-Telegram that she’s had Whataburger “every Christmas Eve my whole life.”

“We’ve got The Boss, we have Snoop, we have Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Moo, Tater Tot, Greasy Grizz, Blue Bell, Frankie and Fiona, Chewbacca, Kirby, Petunia, Daisy and Daffodil,” Ruiz says.

Behind the scenes of whataburger photo shoot. Check out my free whata #krazyfunkychickenlady. Big shout outs to Tara...

Posted by Trisha Ruiz on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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