Ugly orange Christmas sweaters sell out online in one day — because Whataburger

Were you quick enough on the draw?

Whataburger, the regional burger chain with the fiercely loyal following, has never met a marketing opportunity it didn’t like. Now the team under the giant orange A-frame has another hit on its hands — but whatever you do, don’t try to eat it.

The 2018 Whataburger ugly orange Christmas sweater, which comes complete with a row of stitched fries and 24-hour signs alongside the more traditional snowflakes and Christmas trees, sold out on the restaurant’s online store in less than a day.

The sweaters, priced at $42.99, went up for sale on Wednesday. But by Thursday morning, they were sold out.

“The Whataburger Christmas sweater is currently sold out!” the website read as of Friday morning.

The Whata-sweater, in action. Whataburger Courtesy

But don’t lose hope, Whata-fiends. Christmas reinforcements are on the way.

“We are estimating that Santa will be passing through with another delivery by December 5,” it continues.

The sweaters are unisex, 100 percent acrylic, and are machine washable.

“[The sweater] is perfect for any holiday occasion — including eating at Whataburger,” the website says.

One particularly high-profile Whataburger fan, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, threw the burger chain a shout-out Thursday when he was asked by reporters about his proclivity for putting ketchup on everything.

“I do Hunt’s, I do Heinz,” Mahomes said to reporters Thursday. “But my favorite is probably the Whataburger ketchup. Texas people would know that.”

Mahomes grew up in East Texas and played college football at Texas Tech.

Whataburger responded to Mahomes’ shoutout on with a tweet Friday. A company representative wondered where they should send Mahomes’ Whataburger ketchup care package.