Creamistry is here to fog up the Fort Worth ice-cream scene

The fog of ice cream: liquid nitrogen at Creamistry

Creamistry, a liquid-nitrogen ice cream shop, is coming to Fort Worth, with a location due to open in May in the Left Bank shopping center. Here's a preview. (Video courtesy of Creamistry)
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Creamistry, a liquid-nitrogen ice cream shop, is coming to Fort Worth, with a location due to open in May in the Left Bank shopping center. Here's a preview. (Video courtesy of Creamistry)

I've written a couple of times previously about Creamistry, a new liquid-nitrogen ice-cream shop in Fort Worth, when it was announced and when it was announced that Jordan Scott, the owner of Fort Worth's beloved Mama's Pizza chain, and his wife, Nicole, are franchise partners, along with Wes and Patrice Hall.

Now the place is open, across the parking lot from the Hopdoddy Burger Bar in the Left Bank center in Fort Worth (and on the same side as 85ºC Bakery Cafe and MidiCi the Neapolitan Pizza Company). It has been doing a soft opening this week, with a grand opening planned for Saturday (May 19), including free ice cream from noon to 2 p.m. (we probably don't have to tell you this, but expect a line).

Scott took on the Berry Street Mama's after his godfather and mentor, Chris Farkas, died 15 years ago. In 2003, Scott added three locations while also repurchasing the franchise rights that were originally sold in 1999, according to a release.

Jordan Scott and Wes Hall are former Texas Wesleyan University baseball teammates who hung out at the original Mama’s on East Rosedale Street, the release says. Scott enlisted Hall to help in the expansion of Mama's, which has three company stores in Fort Worth and Arlington and three franchise locations elsewhere in Tarrant County. The partners have long wanted to add a high-quality dessert shop and became interested in Creamistry when they discovered it via social media.

We stopped in for a "first bite." It won't be our last.

The vibe: It's not a big place, and it's a little noisy, especially with the blasts of liquid nitrogen, which is used to flash-freeze the ice cream, eliminating "freezer burn" that can happen when ice cream is stored improperly. The liquid nitrogen creates a cool fog effect, with the fog spilling over the counters.

At many places where you have to do step-by-step ordering, the initial visit can be a little confusing, but this Creamistry location has things worked out pretty well, partly because of its small size:

Choose a base ( “signature premium” milk; organic milk; coconut milk, which is vegan and gluten-free, or sorbet). Choose a flavor (a big category at Creamistry is cereals, including Cap’n Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Fruity Pebbles and more, but there are other categories as well). Choose toppings (yes, you can have cereal atop your cereal-flavored ice cream, but you also can add candy, sauce or, if you’re feeling virtuous, fruit).

All this went very smoothly. I wasn't feeling virtuous. I chose Fruity Pebbles ice cream made with premium milk and topped with marshmallow creme. There are also some "creation" flavors, in which the concoctions have been done for you, so I got my wife an "Elemint" (mint ice cream, Oreos, chocolate chips and fudge) to-go.

The food: The Fruity Pebbles concoction had some terrifically smooth ice cream that maintained the cereal's crispiness, while the marshmallow creme gave it a sort of fruity Rice Krispie Treat flavor. The ice cream comes in three sizes: regular, large and "nitroshake." The regular was plenty for me, and I'm a big guy.

Surprisingly, the "Elemint" survived the 30-minute drive home without much melting. That liquid nitrogen does a good job. It had a good mint flavor and mix of textures. The fudge had solidified a little bit, but everything else was great.

The verdict: Liquid-nitrogren ice cream isn't the novelty it was even a year ago, but it's still new to Fort Worth. The ice cream is good, and the fog effect is cool enough that children and adults should get a kick out of it. But what will bring me back is the varied menu, which has several items I want to try. I mean, one of the "Creations" is "Captain's Breakfast," made with Cap'N Crunch ice cream, strawberries, bananas and Nutellas. That brings out the little kid in me even more than watching liquid-nitrogen fog does.

Creamistry is at 628 Harrold St., Suite 128 in Fort Worth. For updates, visit @creamistryfortworth on Facebook.

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