New at AT&T Stadium: a mac-topped burger, pecan pie gelato, a dreamy chocolate-chip cookie

New food items at AT&T Stadium

Tony Sinese, executive chef at AT&T Stadium, talks to reporters about some of the food items available this season at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (Star-Telegram video by Robert Philpot)
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Tony Sinese, executive chef at AT&T Stadium, talks to reporters about some of the food items available this season at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (Star-Telegram video by Robert Philpot)

“Heaven and Hell” can sometimes be an apt description of a Dallas Cowboys season, and “Pro Bowl” usually refers to an event in which dozens of Cowboys stars have played through the years.

But in this case, they’re food items — respectively, a new burger and a kebab-style dish — that are new this season at AT&T Stadium.

Specifically, the Heaven and Hell Burger is an Angus beef patty topped with fried mac and cheese with a crushed-Fritos crust, dipped in Buffalo sauce and accompanied by a Roma tomato, romaine and garlic aioli. The Pro Bowl consists of skewers of marinated and Mongolian-glazed Angus beef or chicken breast, with sweet onions and bell peppers, atop a bed of fried rice and accompanied by Asian-inspired dipping sauces.

The Pro Bowl will be available at the main concourse platforms by the end zones, in sections 219 and 245. The Heaven and Hell Burger will be available at Main Concourse sections 202 and 227.

Tony Sinese, exeuctive chef at AT&T Stadium, introduced the items during a media preview Thursday morning.

“This has been an endeavor of love that we’ve put together with a lot of focus groups,” Sinese told reporters. “We’ve really paid attention to what the fans really wanted, and we’re trying to deliver on exactly what they expect from us right now.”

Also new:

The Taco Bowl: Al pastor pork, corn and black-bean salsa, chopped romaine, and your choice of toppings in a bowl — although there are blue-corn tortillas should you decide to use them. Available at the al pastor carts on the upper concourse, sections 408 and 438.

Chicken wrap: This sounds pretty prosaic, but along with the Taco Bowl, it was one of the best savory items at the preview, a well-seasoned, slightly spicy (with more kick than the Heaven and Hell Burger, which could have used more hell), chicken-tenders-inside-a-garlic-flour-tortilla thing. The kick comes from an avocado-jalapeño ranch dressing, and Roma tomatoes and romaine once again make appearances. Available on the main concourse, sections 218 and 243; and upper concourse, 409 and 439.

House-made gelatos and sorbets: The pastry kitchen at AT&T Stadium isn’t messing around, and the best items at Thursday’s preview all took direct aim at those of us with a sweet tooth. Gelato flavors featured at the preview included Texas pecan — about as close to a classic pecan pie as gelato can get without being a pie — salted caramel and apple moonshine, along with relatively traditional chocolate, strawberry and pistachio. But flavors such as prickly pear and lemon buttermilk will be on offer at stadium events. A selection of mochi ice cream was also offered at the preview. Available at the main concourse, sections 210 and 235, and on the Pepsi Platform.

But wait, there’s more sugar: executive pastry chef Marcelo Guevara was particularly, and rightfully, proud of his biscotti, a chocolatey confection that has a softer texture than most biscottis. A sweets table also included chocolate- and white-chocolate strawberries, and the sort of chocolate-chip cookie that stays in your dreams, about a quarter-inch thick, not quite the diameter of a CD but close, loaded with huge chips, as soft as if it were fresh out of the oven, even though it had been on display for a while, and yet not so soft that it fell apart in your hands before it made the trip to melting in your mouth.

Not everything at the preview was new, and not everything offered at the stadium was at the preview. Returning stars include the Texas Chicken & Waffle, a large sandwich featuring two doughy Texas-shaped waffles as the “bread,” with chicken, crispy onion rings, pepper jack cheese, bacon and pecan-maple mayonnaise (you read that right, and it works surprisingly well) between the waffles; the Pambazo, an even larger sandwich with a potato-chorizo mixture and much more on a bolillo bun; and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Popcorn, which is sort of self-explanatory. For vegetarians, the stadium offers vegetarian nachos and a black-bean veggie burger.

There is much more to the concessions menu: For information, visit