SusieCakes to join the great Fort Worth baking show

Vanilla Celebration Cake at SusieCakes is a six-layer cake with colored-sugar “confetti,” filled and frosted with “retro blue” vanilla frosting.
Vanilla Celebration Cake at SusieCakes is a six-layer cake with colored-sugar “confetti,” filled and frosted with “retro blue” vanilla frosting.

These are big days for bakeries in Fort Worth.

Black Rooster Bakery is expanding, with two additional locations to come, including one scheduled to open July 20 in the former La Perla space in downtown Fort Worth.

Stir Crazy Baked Goods is turning 5 and throwing itself a big party Saturday night (for details, see its Facebook page). Taiwan-inspired 85º Bakery Cafe is coming to the Left Bank shopping center anchored by the new Tom Thumb off of West Seventh Street.

Gluten- and soy-free — and largely corn-, dairy- and egg-free — Unrefined Bakery recently opened a location in west Fort Worth, near Central Market.

And now, SusieCakes, a California-based bakery chain, has announced that it will open its third Texas location — in the WestBend shopping center in Fort Worth. That’s the one between University Drive and the Trinity River, where HG Sply Co. and its expansive patio rest.

“Susie” is founder Susan Sarich, who grew up in Chicago and was called Susie by her grandmothers, who baked after-school treats for her. Transplanted to the West Coast as an adult and once again Susan, Sarich brought her grandmothers’ simple, index-card recipes with her and began to develop SusieCakes bakeries.

SusieCakes specializes in “sentimental dessert favorites,” but then does any form of cooking inspire nostalgia as much as baking does?

SusieCakes’ locations are mostly on the California coast, except for the two in Texas: One in Dallas’ Preston Center, and one on Plano’s Park Boulevard.

Menu items include cakes (layer cakes are a specialty, such as the Vanilla Celebration Cake, a six-layer job baked with colored-sugar “confetti” and filled and frosted with “retro-blue” vanilla icing); frosting-filled cupcakes; cookies and bars (including whoopie pies and “Susie’s Nutty,” two peanut-butter cookies sandwiched with peanut-butter buttercream); and pies, puddings and a cheesecake.

The chain says all its products are made from scratch and baked onsite. The stores also offer a “Celebration Specialist” — a cake connoisseur (and we have to wonder how you study for that gig) who can help plan a celebration.

The Dallas location has been open a little more than a year, and the Plano location opened its doors a little more recently. In the release, Sarich says that the company has been pleased by Texas’ reception.

“Fort Worth was the ideal choice for our next location because of its commitment to family and tradition, which reflects the inspiration behind SusieCakes,” Sarich says. “We look forward to becoming a new part of those traditions for the community as we help them celebrate life’s special moments.”

SusieCakes will be at 1621 River Run Drive, No. 151, in Fort Worth. A fall opening is expected. For updates, follow @SusieCakesBakery on Facebook, @SusieCakes on Twitter or susiecakesbakery on Instagram.