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Kelly Clarkson releases ‘Invincible’ video

Kelly Clarkson in the Invincible video
Kelly Clarkson in the Invincible video

Invincible, the second song on Kelly Clarkson’s latest album Piece by Piece, visits familiar what-doesn’t-kill-you-makes-you-stronger territory for the Burleson-bred singer. That’s underscored by a new video for the song, released May 29.

Clarkson sings in what appears to be an empty warehouse, as illuminated cubed boxes levitate in other shots. At key points in the song, the boxes burst open to reveal other women, illustrating the song’s themes of female empowerment.

On her Facebook page, Clarkson says “ I love this concept from Alon Isocianu with all these beautiful strong women!” Isocianu is a video director whose filmography includes Finger Eleven’s Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me (with the lyrics “Whatever doesn’t kill me/Doesn’t make me stronger”).

Check it out here: