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Todrick Hall does 5 Beyonce albums in 4 minutes

Todrick Hall is a busy guy these days. The former Arlington resident turned American Idol semifinalist turned YouTube star is still riding the wave of last week’s ’90s Disney, in which he mashed up ’90s R&B songs with ‘90s animated Disney movies. Posted on YouTube on April 21, it’s up two more than 2.2 million views as of 2 p.m. CDT April 29.

Hall’s latest, 4 Beyonce, is poised to take off and go further than that. The avowed Beyonce fan — who famously celebrated the singer with a flash mob inside a Target a few years ago and Cinderonce last year, and even helped choreograph one of her videos — mashes all five Beyonce albums into a four-minute clip.

That’s more than 70 songs — including bonus cuts — featuring four Todricks, each of them in his own vertical section of the video. “This took four single-take performances of memorizing four different sets of lyrics & choreography (ironically this was filmed in four hours),” he says in the video description, and is exactly four minutes in length because of Beyonce’s connection to the number 4…. Let’s just hope it gets 4 Million views in the next 4 days lol.”

That probably won’t be a problem, as sites such as Huffington Post, Out magazine, MTV, Cosmo, Fuse, Billboard and Vulture have picked up the video, which is also getting shared like crazy on Facebook.

Coincidentally, it’s almost exactly four months till the premiere of Hall’s MTV series Todrick, which debuts Aug. 31. But it is more than four weeks till his June 26 show at Dallas’ Majestic Theatre. Meanwhile, here’s 4 Beyonce ... 4 you.