Siberian Traps captures that windows-down, Cowtown sound

Fort Worth spirit-rock group Siberian Traps
Fort Worth spirit-rock group Siberian Traps Courtesy Photo

Fort Worth’s Siberian Traps employs a sound vaguely akin to psychedelic rock on new full-length release, “Indicator,” due out June 9.

“Indicator” is a nine-track, 45-minute road-trip companion, altogether more windows-down than both the group’s previous work and that catch-all descriptor, though. The band prefers “spirit rock,” but from the sound of the new release, Siberian Traps are lovers, not fighters.

The warm breeze that flows through most of the record is temporarily set aside on the lead single, “Outtasight,” easily the most assertive cut from the album that sounds like it would pair well with a throwback movie montage.

Seth Reeves, the lead singer/songwriter, even told Impose Magazine that he sees shades of Phil Collins’ “Don’t Lose My Number” in the track, “Which I am entirely alright with.” The comparison comes through at the shriek of the guitar that queues the song’s breakdown, which is easily “Indicator’s” climactic moment.

What is now the four-piece featuring Reeves, Mike Best, Peter Wierenga and Ben Hance relocated to Fort Worth, Reeves’ hometown, from Nashville in 2012, and quickly turned around with their debut LP, “Blackfoot,” which was recorded back in Tennessee. Even after a hiatus and change in lineup following that 2013 release, Traps still takes listeners back to Nashville, even if just for a second at a time, with a guitar twang here or a snare drum rim-click there on “Indicator’s” title track.

“Indicator” was recorded at Fort Worth’s Cloudland Recording Studios, without a long wait following 2016’s “Stray Dogs,” which will have been out for less than a year when “Indicator” is released.

Siberian Traps will tour following the album’s release, but if you’re anxious for a sneak peek, you can catch them Wednesday night at Club DaDa in Dallas.

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