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Personalize your Porsche

What could possibly be better on Christmas morning than waking to find a brand-new Porsche in the driveway? Well, finding out it’s yours would be pretty awesome. But since ’tis better to give than to receive, giving your beloved a Boxster — or a Cayman, Cayenne, Macan or 911 — would really be showing you’ve got this whole holiday thing down.

But, wait a minute. If you’re going to do it right, you really should personalize that peppy puppy so there’s only one like it in the world (and no chance another schlub will outdo you). How about fine-tooled all-natural leather in espresso cognac all over the cabin, including the steering column, air vents, even the fuse box? Stainless steel lining the interior doors and dash? Seat belts in racing yellow? Painted exterior side vents in high-gloss black to contrast with the Lava Orange or Voodoo Blue paint finish?

Now, thanks to the new Porsche Exclusive studio at Park Place Dallas, you can. Just a hop, skip and a jump from Love Field, the dealership is one of only six flagship dealers in the country to be so designated (the others are in Seattle, Chicago, Manhattan and two in California).

Presuming you can tolerate an hour in traffic to Dallas, you’ll sit down with a well-trained Porsche Exclusive representative who can walk you through the wide range of personalization options.

From a single alteration to wildly extravagant modifications, you can walk through options on the big-screen Porsche Car Configurator, where you’ll see a nearly life-size wall display of your creation. Want to change something? Go back and tinker some more. (You can get a flavor of it by checking out the online configurator at Hint: Use the 360-degree viewer for maximum giddy impact.

There are plenty of Exclusive options, including sport wheels, customized grip rails, 14 leather color options (including the classic red garnet) and interior woods in natural olive, dark walnut, anthracite birch or “yachting mahogany” (love that). There also are carbon fiber or stainless-steel finishes, twin-seat stitching in a dazzling choice of contrasting thread colors, personalized illuminated door-sill guards in brushed aluminum, tinted LED taillights, key fobs in your car’s color ... really, the sky’s the limit.

Porsche is even taking a page from the Rolls-Royce and Bentley books, allowing you to custom-paint your vehicle in any color your little heart desires (it’s called “paint to sample”). Want to match that tuft of fur under your Tibetan mastiff’s eyes? No problem. Porsches aren’t cheap, but this level of customization is unheard of at this price point.

If you really want to do it right, take advantage of Porsche’s no-charge European delivery option. You have to provide your own airfare and hotel, of course, but the idea is that you can pick up your car right at the Stuttgart factory, drive it around on the test track, and then scream down the autobahn all you want.

All this means one thing: You can finally build the Porsche of your sugar-plum fairy dreams. Talk about driving up to all those festive Christmas parties in style!


Ready to customize your very own Porsche?

Start by contacting the Porsche Personal Design Specialists at

Park Place Porsche

6113 Lemmon Ave.



What’s in a name?

Originally called Porsche Sonderwunsch programm, the name was changed to Porsche Exclusive in 1986 because nobody but Germans can actually say Sonderwunsch programm.

What’s old is new again

The guy who started it all, Ferry Porsche, perhaps best summed up the carmaker’s Exclusive philosophy a long time ago when he said, “In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of ... so I decided to build it myself.”