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McDonald’s has Texas-sized concept for new burger

Lone Star Stack
Lone Star Stack

Given the fact that Texas is often marketed as being a “whole other country,” it only makes sense that McDonald’s would want to capitalize on that perception.

Enter the McDonald’s-sponsored “Burger Showdown,” which solicited more than 25,000 suggestions for Texas-themed burgers — the top five were ultimately voted on, with more than 200,000 votes cast. (According to McDonald’s statistics, Texan minds think alike when it comes to burger ideas: 6,420 people put jalapenos on their hypothetical burgers, and 2,522 suggestions had Texas in the name.)

The winner?

Houston native Joseph Pena’s Lone Star Stack, which is housed between two pieces of Texas toast, and features a pair of beef patties topped with applewood-smoked bacon, American and white cheddar cheese, sweet onion BBQ sauce, crinkle pickles and grilled onions.

“I wanted the burger to be as Texas as possible,” Pena said in a Dallas Morning News report. “Texas toast was a must, and from there everything else was really just my personal preference. Turns out in the end, the burger I made was almost an exact match for how my mom would make a burger for me at home, so really I owe her all the credit.”

For his efforts, Pena wins $5,000, and his creation will be featured on DFW McDonald’s menus until the end of August.

“We are excited to introduce the Lone Star Stack this summer, most especially because we gave our customers the opportunity to show their creativity in designing a burger with true Texas flavors and full of Texas pride,” said Ron Dribben, president of the McDonald’s of Greater North Texas Co-op, in a statement.

You can watch an ad for the Lone Star Stack below.

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