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Pumpkin gets its day in the sun with these fall-perfect recipes

Some food-minded folks might argue that “the most wonderful time of the year” is now — that the “hap, happiest season of all” is fall. With its rich, warm colors and flavors, autumn practically begs us to stay home and cook a hearty meal every night.

One of the most recognizable fall icons is the lowly pumpkin. Most often seen in its traditional bright orange skin, the pumpkin is the centerpiece of fall decorations and the key in another seasonal must-have, pumpkin pie.

However, the tasty fruit often gets shortchanged, as it can be the star of far more than dessert this time of year. From a pumpkin risotto to savory pumpkin tarts, here are some recipes that put the gourd to good use.

Plus there’s a bonus at the end: a recipe for pumpkin spice chai latte. While many pumpkin latte recipes don’t actually contain any pumpkin, this black tea-based one does, making it the undisputed sip of the season.