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Brewed introduces three new fall drinks

From left: Cold Brew Old-Fashion (non-alcoholic), bone broth and Ignite Coffee, a Bulletproof Coffee at Brewed in Fort Worth
From left: Cold Brew Old-Fashion (non-alcoholic), bone broth and Ignite Coffee, a Bulletproof Coffee at Brewed in Fort Worth

Joey Turner, co-owner/marketing and community director for Brewed, says his creative juices have been flowing lately. Which means that the coffee side of this coffee/tea/beer/wine bar-restaurant has some new offerings.

But there’s another “drink” that is served in a mug but isn’t coffee — or exactly a drink.

But first, the coffees. This week, Brewed is introducing something they’re calling Ignite Coffee to the menu. It’s their version of Bulletproof Coffee — drip coffee infused with grass fed organic butter and organic cold-pressed coconut oil.

According to fans such as Texas Rangers pitcher Shawn Tolleson, Bulletproof Coffee (it’s even trademarked) can help people lose weight and sharpen their minds, the extra fat from the butter can help you recover from a previous day’s workout, and the butter acts as an appetite suppressant by making you feel more full in the morning.

You’re not likely to notice the coconut oil in Brewed’s version. You will notice the butter, because next to the coffee itself, it’s the dominant taste and it gives the coffee and extra creaminess and a slight saltiness. If you’re a butter fan (and I am), it’s worth seeking out.

Nearly two years ago, the Dallas Observer reported on Bulletproof becoming available in Dallas at Green Grocer on Greenville Avenue. It appears to still be a relative rarity at DFW coffee bars.

Cold-brew fans will find the other coffee drink more accessible: It’s a non-alcoholic coffee “old-fashioned,” barrel-aged cold brew with homemade orange simple syrup and bitters. Certainly drinkable and tasty, but I was more impressed by Brewed’s other new offerings.

The non-coffee new offering is bone broth. Described by Turner as “Grass-fed bones soaked for over 24 hours to pull out all the nutrients for an amazing fall hearty, healthy drink.” Served in a mug, it’s a little salty and a little more spicy and had me describing it as “like a red-chile enchilada in a glass.” It kind of makes you forget the “healthy” part, and it’s a great drink now — and will be even better when the weather finally turns cold.

Turner’s burst of creativity isn’t limited to coffee or bone broth. From Oct. 25 through Oct. 30, Brewed will offer a “Fort Worth Fright Flight,” a $12 beer-and-candy pairing featuring flight-size servings of beers from four Fort Worth breweries.

Pairing with Twix will be the Moonlight Shine, a wheat ale from Wild Acre Brewing Co.; Septemberfest, a brown ale from Martin House Brewing Co., will pair with chocolate-covered pretzels; Funky Thunder, from the ever-adventurous Collective Brewing Project, will pair with Sour Patch Kids; and Cannonball, a Scotch strong ale from Panther Island Brewing, will pair with Butterfinger.

But don’t come trick-or-treating on Halloween. It falls on a Monday, and Brewed is closed Mondays.