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Review: Marvel Universe Live

Marvel Universe Live assembles more than 25 superheroes and villains.
Marvel Universe Live assembles more than 25 superheroes and villains. Marvel Universe Live

Most kids dream of coming to face-to-face with a superhero.

Marvel Universe Live, a high octane two-hour live action show, immerses fanboys and fangirls into the world of their favorite superheroes and villains. The show is filled with death-defying stunts (motorcyclists without a net!), a plot that pays homage to Stan Lee’s humor (Bruce Banner to Wolverine: Have you ever been in a bounce house?), and well-choreographed fighting scenes.

The story centers on the battle over the Cosmic Cube, the source of ultimate power in the Marvel world, that has been shattered into pieces by Thor in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. However, Thor’s conniving brother Loki has a dastardly plan to clone the cube’s powers to end Earth and all of mankind. That guy really hates humans.

In order to topple Loki, The Avengers -- Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Widow and Wolverine -- come together to trek across the globe to try to find the fragments of the Cube to use it against Loki. On the way, the heroes meet up with their biggest foes including Green Goblin, Red Skull and Electro.

The most impressive stunts in the show came from the motorcyclists. The jumps, some from above ground, had folks at the edge of their seats. The fighting scenes were well-crafted and put the audience in the center of the action, especially for those sitting in the front seats. For parents of little ones, there are a lot of loud sound effects during the performance.

My only complaint is that the seating is set up in a U shape. If you were seated at either side of the U, not at the bottom of U that was front-and-center of the stage, you missed out on some of the stunts and the motion graphics that set the scene of each act were not as compelling. For example, it took a while to realize that the Green Goblin and Spider-Man were actually fighting on top of the Statue of Liberty from our side view.

Overall, the experience was everything a superhero could dream of -- good always prevails over evil.

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Marvel Universe Live

Recommended for: All ages; show includes brief periods of black out, pyrotechnics, loud special effects and motion graphics

Run time: 2 hours including a 15-minute intermission

When: 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., Saturday, January 31; 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., Sunday, February 1

Where: American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219

Cost: $30-$125; children younger than 2 are free if they sit on a parent’s lap