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Books for snow days

For colder days, head to the library and pick up a book or two.
For colder days, head to the library and pick up a book or two. Star-Telegram

As the weather gets colder, there’s nothing like snuggling with a good book and some hot cocoa. Make it a family night with these picture book gems.

Wish, Emma Dodd



What it’s about: The story is about a little wolf who has a special someone who always wants the very best for him.

Sample line: “Until you came into the world, I thought my life complete. But then I wished and it came true, I wished for you, my sweet.”

What parents will like: For moms and dads who have struggled to have children, this book is a poignant reminder of how precious your little one is to you.

What kids will like: The story of the little wolf and big wolf will resonate with even the youngest of kids who will quickly identify with the characters.

Recommended for: Ages 2 to 5


Skippyjon Jones Snow What, Judy Schachner

$4.99, paperback

Skippyjon Jones Snow What

What it’s about: The huge imagination of Skippyjon Jones, the little kitten who likes to think he’s a dog, comes into play when Mama Junebug Jones has the nerve to ask him to come out from the snow and read a book with his sisters.

Sample line: “Snow What, Snow White, Snow-ito/Has been cursed by wicked witch-ito.”

What parents will like: Our family has closely followed Skippyjon’s tales and we love the wit and whimsy of all the adventures.

What kids will like: Now that our 5-year-old is an avid reader, he loves the rhyming schemes and wild adventures that Skippyjon goes on.

Recommended for: Ages 5 to 8


Peg + Cat: The Race Car Problem, Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson



What it’s about: Based on the PBS animated TV series, Peg + Cat: The Race Car Problem finds Peg and Cat building an amazing car out of things they find in a junkyard. They use their math and shape skills to help them transform the junk into a racing car worthy of Tallapegga Twenty.

Sample line: “They called it Hot-Buttered Lightning, because they hoped it would be as swift as a bolt of lightning. (They added ‘hot-buttered’ to make the name even better, the way butter makes popcorn even better.)”

What parents will like: As in the TV show, Peg and Cat solve problems using math skills, which is a plus for parents who want to encourage their kids to love math. Even the book page numbers are equations.

What kids will like: The book is a fun way to solve math problems that doesn’t feel like homework.

Recommended for: Ages 5 to 8


Joe Journeyman Volume 1, David Bazzoni with illustrations by Jed Bruce


Joe Journeyman Volume 1

What it’s about: This picture book is for the football fan. The story follows Joe Journeyman’s adventures playing for all 32 National Football League teams. The NFL-sanctioned tome’s first volume features 16 teams including the Dallas Cowboys. Readers are introduced to the characters and must find Joe Journeyman, his friends and his playbook at every stop a la “Where’s Waldo?”

Sample line: “In his first game with America’s Team, against a beautiful Texas-sized sunset, Journeyman and the Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 48-42.”

What parents will like: This book is all about the illustrations and the interactive search for the characters so it’s a great way for families to “play the game” with Journeyman. However, parents will have to get their reading glasses out to see the fine print on the images.

What kids will like: The illustrations are great and little football fans will get a kick out of looking for the different elements in the pages.

Recommended for: 8 and older

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