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Our hardest-working mom

It was no surprise to me to find out that one of our featured Mom2Mom bloggers, Andrea, was one of the finalists of Grapevine Mills’ “Hardest Working Moms” Contest.

After all, I've known Andrea for more than 10 years and have witnessed personally the dedication she has to her family, her job and her community. In the last year alone, she has managed to be the Girl Scout Cookie Mom, the Work-At-Home-and-Office Mom, the Supportive Wife and the Loyal Friend. With every title, she always puts 110 percent of herself into making sure everything is done with the utmost care.

On a personal level, I've grown to love and respect her like a sister. She has been there through my high points and heartaches. In the midst of her busy home and work life, she recently threw a fabulous baby shower for me.

I'm so grateful that she was honored on Saturday, May 8 and treated like the star she is.

Congratulations to the other hardest working mom honorees: Allison D’Auteuil, Christine Windham, Janice Binkley, Jill Rodriguez, Melisa Guajardo, Melissa Salimbene, Rene Webb, Lorie Gravley and Yakelia Clemmons.

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Andrea with her family

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