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In search of sold-out Eevee

When Eevee was nowhere to be found at Build-A-Bear, we opted for Pikachu.
When Eevee was nowhere to be found at Build-A-Bear, we opted for Pikachu. Star-Telegram

I had one of the worst parenting fails over the Labor Day weekend.

I promised my 6-year-old son that I would get him the new Pokemon Eevee stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear. As you may have heard, the Pokemon Go game has been quite popular around the globe, and especially in my household.

I was the one that got him hooked on the game and we spent the summer hunting for rare Pokemon around Fort Worth. Once school started, we did less hunting and more studying but he was still obsessed with looking at his Pokedex.

Lately, he's been having nightmares. So, I thought I could use the magical powers of Eevee, one of his favorites, to comfort him at night.

We went to the Grapevine Mills location only to find out that Eevee, which were launched on September 1, had sold-out in stores and online in two days. We just happened to arrive on the third day.

When the salesperson told us there were no more Eevees, it was my son who saved the day: “It’s OK mommy. I can put her on my Christmas list.”

Honestly, I don’t deserve this kid. There were still a few Pikachu friends at the store. So, I asked if he wanted to a Pikachu instead. He agreed.

Once we got home, I did a quick search for the furry friends. Sure enough, the Eevees were gone from the online store:

Not only that, it seems they were popping up on eBay for up to $200 (we paid $30 for Pikachu with tax)! By the way, now you can't find Pikachu in the online store either so I guess we got lucky.

We didn't know how rare these Pokemon really are, especially the stuffed kind.

Even though we missed out on Eevee (I refuse to pay more than the retail price), it seems that all was not lost.

He's sleeping soundly with his Pikachu.

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