It’s a wrap with coloring book-inspired paper

Christmas is almost here! Whether you’re racing to finish shopping or still trying to get the ornaments on the tree, the countdown to Dec. 25 can leave anyone frazzled. We’re here to help!

To alleviate the stress of one last-minute chore — wrapping gifts — we’re offering this page of custom, coloring book-style gift wrap. Just color in the festive shapes, cut it out and use it to wrap a small gift or stocking-stuffer. You’ll add a personal touch to someone’s gift and cross one more thing off the to-do list!

Done wrapping? The act of coloring is known to inspire calmness and creativity, in children and adults, so stir up the hot cocoa and grab the crayons if you’re feeling particularly stressed.

Lacking in artistic skills? No need to worry. Our festive gift wrap still looks great even when left uncolored.