Valentines to make yourself

Plane awesome

This paper airplane card flies incredibly well and is so easy to make. Simply print our airplane template and the folding instructions from (search for "plane awesome"). Write your message as shown, roll both printouts into a scroll and tie them with a ribbon.

Suggested messages:

"You make my heart soar."

"You're just plane cool."

"Fly high, valentine!"

Captive heart

Show grandma you care with this keepsake. The red wire is very flexible, so she can extract the note and treat while keeping the ornament to remind her of her sweetheart.

1. To make the heart, bend a 16-inch length of 20-gauge silver craft wire around a pencil to form a loop 4 inches from one end.

2. Center the loop atop a 2-inch heart-shaped cookie cutter, and wrap the wire around the heart, pressing to shape it. After you've made 2 loops, twist the ends together and trim the excess with wire cutters or nail clippers.

3. Remove the cookie cutter, then secure one end of a 3-foot length of red craft wire (24 gauge or higher) to the heart. Run the red wire across the heart's front and back, wrapping it around the silver wire at each pass.

4. Enclose a heart-shaped note and treat as you go. Tuck in the end of the red wire and tie a ribbon through the loop for hanging.

Rock candy

You will need:


2 (14-inch) pieces of string

2 mini peanut butter cups

1 (1-ounce) box of conversation hearts

2 (4-inch) circles of aluminum foil

4- by 7-inch strip of pink paper

Glue stick

Sheet of white printer paper or printable scroll wheel and playlist from (search for "rock candy")

A box of conversation hearts and two mini peanut butter cups in disguise hit all the right notes for a tune-loving baby sitter or pal. The idea comes from Grand Island, Neb., mom Lisa Toner, whose daughters, Anna, 14, and Maria, 10, wanted a new way to tell friends, "You rock."

1. Tape each end of a piece of string to a peanut butter cup. Tie on the other piece of string midway between the candies, then tape the loose end to the candy box.

2. Wrap each peanut butter cup in a circle of aluminum foil.

3. Wrap the pink paper strip around the candy box and secure it with a glue stick.

4. Cut paper shapes and write text for the scroll wheel and playlist (or download from, and use a glue stick to attach them to the box.

Write a Valentine's message on the back of the box.

Dynamic duo

Double the fun with a pair of sweet treats. Using double-sided tape, secure one end of two individually wrapped treats inside a piece of folded card stock.

Write your message with marker on the outer flap.

Suggested messages:

"You've met your match!"

"We're two of a kind!"

"You're two cute."

Bear your heart

Look who lumbered out of hibernation to offer sweet greetings! To make a bunch for all your favorite cubs, fill small plastic bags (we found ours in the candy aisle of a craft store) with a mix of Teddy Grahams and Gummi Bears. Write your message on card stock, use a hole punch to make a hole and tie the tag on with ribbon.

Suggested messages:

"You're unbearably cute!"

"Bag of bear hugs"

"I can't bear being without you!"

"Join the cub!"

Clap happy

On Feb. 14, 6-year-old Quinlan Adams of Scottsbluff, Neb., gives his teachers a big round of applause and a little luxury: a tube of hand lotion. To make a gift like Quinlan's, trace your hand on card stock. Cut out the traced hand and use it as a template to make a second hand. Write a message with marker. Affix the hands to a tube of lotion and add card-stock hearts with double-sided tape.

Suggested messages:

"Hands down, you're the best."

"I've got to hand it to you!"

"You deserve a hand!"