Make it: Valentine's Day Party Bags

Kids Valentine's parties are a lot of fun. But with them comes a lot of stuff. Try making these cute bags to get all of their goodies home.


Gift BagScrapbook or construction paperScissorsGlueGlitter glueScrapbook scissorsDecorative pipe cleanersStick on jewels



Cut out shapes out of scrapbook or construction paper. Use scrapbook scissors for decorative edges.

Glue shapes to each side of the bag. Let dry.

Open bag and decorate each side with glitter glue and jewels. Let dry.

Wrap pipe cleaners to bag handles for an added decorative touch.

Personalized tag:

Cut shape out of paper. Use scrapbook scissors for decorative edges.

Add with initial and design to shape with glitter glue. Let dry.

Punch hole in shape and attach to bag handle with pipe cleaner.

Mom tip: I cut the paper shapes out before I gave the project to the kids. It makes the process less frustration for all involved since their cutting skills are still limited.

Photos: Heather Witherspoon