Goodfellow Fund helped woman whose young daughter had brain surgery

The same cause for concern came up every time Euvonda took her daughter to the doctor. Isabella wasn't developing fast enough for her age.

"If you looked at her, she looks like she's probably 2, but she's really 5," said Euvonda, a mother of five.

One day over the summer, Euvonda's doctor performed an MRI on Isabella and noticed the tumor near her brain.

"It was probably the size of a golf ball when they found it," Euvonda said.

Within hours, Isabella was undergoing brain surgery. Euvonda said the surgeon and other doctors who worked on her daughter performed amazingly. About two weeks later, Isabella started pre-K classes, her mother said.

Euvonda first received support from the Goodfellow Fund four years ago. This year, she said, the assistance has been extra helpful because of the energy and money expended on healing her daughter.

"It's meant a lot," Euvonda said. "I have insurance, but still everything can get a little tight."

When the Star-Telegram's annual holiday charity began in 1912, organizers spent $1,242.80 to help pay for 350 gift baskets filled with turkey, bread, canned vegetables and toys. They also launched a thriving community tradition.

Ninety-eight years later, the fund's goal is to raise $1 million and provide $50 gift cards to help 20,000 Tarrant County schoolchildren. Contributions for Goodfellows are accepted year-round, but the Star-Telegram's annual fundraising drive ends Christmas Day.

Euvonda received gift cards this month to help pay for clothes and shoes for three of her five children.

"It's been a big help," she said.