Best Buy eliminates restocking fee on returns

Best Buy quietly changed its return policy Friday, removing what could be a 15 percent restocking fee on some items. Spokeswoman Carolyn Aberman confirmed Monday that the chain will reimburse those who paid a restocking charge between Nov. 17 and Dec. 17. They are advised to call 888-BESTBUY. CompUSA spokesman Lonny Paul told the Star-Telegram that the electronics retailer and its parent, Tiger Direct, matched Best Buy's return policy. Until now it has charged 25 percent to restock some items. -- Barry Shlachter

6 top U.S. airlines sitting on billions in cash

The six largest U.S. airlines had $23.8 billion on hand as of Sept. 30, including $4.56 billion at Fort Worth-based AMR, bucking a trend elsewhere to return cash to shareholders. Credit rating agencies said the industry may be better protected against fuel-price surges and recession. It's the most cash and equivalents since at least 1999, as carriers chip away at $50.2 billion in total debt after being bruised by bankruptcies last decade. -- Bloomberg News