D-FW comes in last on commute report

Motorists in Dallas-Fort Worth endure the worst commutes in the U.S. and, figuratively speaking, grip their steering wheels even harder than the traffic-weary souls in Los Angeles, concludes a report released Tuesday by publications Bundle and The Street.

The report takes into account not just the time commuters waste while stuck in traffic, but how far they travel and how much they spend on fuel, repairs and other auto expenses.

The Metroplex ranked No. 90 on the list -- dead last. The others in the bottom five were San Jose, Calif., Houston, Miami and Phoenix. At the other end of the spectrum, the nation's best commute belongs to residents of Eugene, Ore., where the typical monthly bill for car expenses is just under $348, compared with a whopping $592 in North Texas.

The report used data from the Texas Transportation Institute and the U.S. Census Bureau. Those agencies typically rank North Texas among the nation's five or six worst areas in terms of congestion.

Vic Suhm, executive director of the Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition, hopes that the report draws attention to the need for additional transportation funding in Texas. But as much as the conclusion may help his cause, he's a bit skeptical about any study that shows congestion in Dallas-Fort Worth as being worse than in L.A.

"Having spent time in both places," he said, "I'd rather drive here than there."

Gordon Dickson,