Temperatures dip into the low 20s in parts of Dallas-Fort Worth

If you thought it was cold on Sunday morning, wait until you feel Monday morning.

Forecasters say that the temperatures will dip to the low 20s in the Dallas/Fort Worth neighborhoods, and it could go to the teens in the outlying areas of the Metroplex.

At 7 a.m., the temperature had fallen to 28 degrees at DFW Airport, and to 22 at Fort Worth's Alliance Airport.

But it's a dry cold.

Officials in the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth say that North Texas will not see any of the Arctic blast that dumped heavy snow in other parts of the country on Sunday.

"We'll have a hard freeze, but that's it ," said meteorologist Eric Martello in Fort Worth on Sunday. "We're just going to have a drier and warmer winter than last year."

Forecasters say that North Texas will have mostly sunny skies the rest of the week with highs ranging from the 50s on Monday to a high of 70 on Wednesday.

North Texas residents should be waking up to temperatures in the 30s after Monday morning.