Southlake City Council votes to ban K2

SOUTHLAKE -- The City Council voted unanimously on first reading Tuesday night to ban the sale, possession or use of K2, a substance likened to synthetic marijuana. A public hearing and final vote were scheduled for the Jan. 4 council meeting. Police Chief Robert Finn said that officers have not observed K2 being sold at Southlake stores but that adopting the ordinance would avoid a potential problem. Keller, Bedford and Euless have already banned it. Mansfield was the first Tarrant County city to ban the substance for people under 21. Southlake's proposed ordinance isn't age-specific. If it is adopted, violators could be fined up to $500. City leaders also hope that the ordinance sends a clear message to legislators that a statewide ban is needed, Finn said. -- Nicholas Sakelaris

Woman pleads guilty

in 'pill smurfing'

DALLAS -- An Arlington woman pleaded guilty in a federal court Tuesday to her role in an over-the-counter "pill smurfing" operation involving methamphetamine. Kimberly Logan, 45, was the last of nine defendants to plead guilty, according to a Justice Department news release. "Pill smurfing" refers to the practice of buying over-the-counter medication containing pseudoephedrine so that it can be used to make meth. Pharmacy records showed that from January 2008 to March 2009, Logan bought at least 862 boxes of pills containing pseudoephedrine in the Metroplex, the release stated. All nine defendants admitted that they conspired to buy and distribute pseudoephedrine knowing that the chemical would be used to make meth, the release stated. Each defendant faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, the release stated. Two defendants, Terry Kolb, 47, of Arlington and Robert Seitz, 20, of Wichita Falls, have been sentenced to more than six years in federal prison, the release stated. The lead defendant, Jospeh Enox, 37, of Wichita Falls, is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 17. Enox and another man received the pseudoephedrine and made the meth in Wichita Falls, the release stated. The remaining defendants are scheduled to be sentenced in January and March, the release stated. -- Chance Welch

If it snowed, you probably missed it

FORT WORTH -- Too bad, but you probably slept through the season's first "snowfall." The National Weather Service was predicting Tuesday afternoon that there would be a smattering of light rainfall and lows in the low 30s overnight. And here's the news: "You may see one or two snowflakes mixed in with the rain," said Dan Huckaby, a National Weather Service meteorologist in the Fort Worth office. "If we do see any snow, it will probably come while people are sleeping and will likely melt when it hits ground." Today we'll be back to nice fall weather -- sunny with a high in the mid-50s. It'll be even warmer Thursday with highs in the 60s.

-- Mitch Mitchell

Officer accused in

sex assault resigns

FORT WORTH -- A police officer accused in a sexual assault resigned Tuesday, according to a police news release. The officer, identified as Daniel Lopez, a patrol officer for six years, had been placed on restrictive duty after a criminal and internal investigation began Nov. 29, the news release stated. At that time, Lopez was relieved of his gun and badge and could not present himself as a police officer. News media were asked not publish a photo of Lopez until the investigation is complete, the release said. Police officials declined to answer further questions. -- Mitch Mitchell