Kidnapped Fort Worth woman is found safe

FORT WORTH -- A woman kidnapped from her south Fort Worth home Tuesday afternoon -- leaving her 4-year-old child alone -- was later found safe after apparently escaping from her captors in Hill County.

Hill County sheriff's officials have arrested one man, whose identity has not yet been released.

The kidnapping is believed to have happened at the woman's home in the 700 block of Stuckert Drive.

According to a Fort Worth police report, the woman's husband called police about 6 p.m., reporting that his wife was missing.

The husband told officers that he received a call from an unknown man using his wife's cellphone earlier Tuesday. He said the man told him in Spanish that his wife was not doing well and was at the hospital, and that he needed to pick up their child.

When the husband tried to call back, the phone went straight to voice mail.

The husband went home and found their 4-year-old child alone. He then called police.

Sgt. Pedro Criado, a police spokesman, said investigators believe that the woman had been taken from her home by three Hispanic men about 1 p.m. that day.

He said detectives are investigating whether the kidnapping may have been drug-related.

Criado said the men took the woman to the Hillsboro area, where she was bound with tape to a chair.

"The victim asked the guy, 'When are you going to cut me loose?'" Criado said. "They told her it was up to her husband."

Criado said the woman freed herself Tuesday night and contacted authorities. He said she is in good condition and has returned home.

"They ended up leaving her alone for a short period of time. She was able to break free and crawled through a window," he said.

A Hill County sheriff's official referred all questions about the case to Fort Worth police.

Criado said Fort Worth investigators were at the Hill County Jail on Wednesday afternoon, preparing to interview the suspect.

He said authorities are searching for the other two men.

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