Cowboys' Witten talks to Grapevine Middle Schoolers

GRAPEVINE — Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was at Grapevine Middle School on Tuesday to speak to students about the importance of good health.

He also took the time to talk about the health of the Dallas Cowboys after the firing of Wade Phillips.

"It's tough," Witten said. "You're disappointed. It almost feels surreal to think we're 1-7. We just feel like it's snowballed on us."

He said the firing of Phillips was "emotional' for the players.

"It all happened so quick," he said. "Players were disappointed that it got to this point."

He acknowledged that players' jobs are on the line as well.

"No question," Witten said, adding that he is "hopeful and excited" about Jason Garrett being promoted from offensive coordinator to interim head coach.

"I'm encouraged with Jason," said Witten. "I think he'll give us a spark, with some of the (work) habits he has, his mindset about the game."

Cowboys players aren't ducking their part of the blame for the Cowboys' predicament, Witten said.

"I think there's accountability there," he said. "We just need to play better football."

Garrett won't allow the team to become mired in the past, Witten said.

"You've got to be able to move forward," Witten said. "That's the way his mindset is."