Nestle plans healthier Stouffer's meals

Nestle -- the world's biggest food and drink company, known in the U.S. mostly for its candy -- is launching healthier versions of its Stouffer's meals. Brad Alford, CEO of Nestle USA, said the Farmer's Harvest line being launched in the next few months will add more nutritional value to Stouffer's foods.

Nestle has nearly saturated the U.S. with its products, which appear in 96 percent of U.S. households, including nine brands that bring in more than $1 billion apiece here. Its more than 120 factories, distribution centers and other facilities across the U.S. employ more than 51,000 people, about 18 percent of its global work force.

The company, whose medical nutrition component houses Nestle Health Science and the Nestle Institute of Health Sciences, aims to capitalize on a growing market for foods that can help prevent or lessen the impacts of diabetes or obesity.

-- The Associated Press