On 10/10/10, a 10-pound bundle of joy

FORT WORTH -- Sunday was a perfect 10 for a Crowley family.

At 10 a.m. on 10-10-2010, Melanie Perry gave birth to Elijah, who weighed in at a healthy 10 pounds.

"That's the most awesome birthday ever," said Perry, 31, a pain management nurse at Health South in Fort Worth.

She and her husband, Michael, 29, a math teacher at Temple Christian School in Fort Worth, liked the idea of delivering Elijah by cesarean section at Texas Health Southwest hospital on the date. But the other two 10s just fell in line.

"We got lucky on the 10 a.m. birth and we sure weren't expecting a 10-pound baby. It just makes me laugh," she said.

Ten is also the combined age of their other two children, 7-year-old Nathan and 3-year-old Katie.

Sunday was also popular with couples across the country tying the knot on the milestone date, The Associated Press reported. Wedding-related businesses said the day was perhaps the most sought-after wedding date since July 7, 2007, when the lucky 07-07-07 marked the calendar.