Calcium supplements in chocolate, cookie forms easier to swallow

Less-sizable supplements

Tired of trying to choke down those horse-pill-size calcium supplements? Two new products should make the calcium go down a little easier. Adora calcium and vitamin D supplements are masquerading as bites of chocolate, including a dark chocolate. They're nice and smooth, though a little bland, but they have only 30 calories each and are produced by longtime chocolatier Thompson Brands of Connecticut. Two pieces contain a day's serving of calcium and vitamin D. They contain no gluten or artificial sweeteners, and the dark chocolate version is lactose-free. Priced at $7.99-$9.99 a bag, or $44.95 for six bags of 30 pieces each at And then the people who brought you the Cookie Diet are offering up Dr. Siegal & Son CalciOs, a vanilla cookie that provides a dose of calcium and also relieves occasional heartburn. The cookies are mildly sweet and crunchy and contain about 36 calories each. Three cookies provide 90 percent of the daily recommended allowance of calcium and also 1 gram of protein. You can get a box of 21 cookies online for $5.99, a $1 off the regular price, at