Wish you could take back what you just sent? Consider Big String

Is there any way to retrieve an e-mail after it has been sent?

If you occasionally wish you had a big string attached to a message so you could reel it back in after sending it, take a look at the appropriately named Web site. Big String claims to be the only free, erasable, recallable, editable, non-printable e-mail system in the world. There are some limitations and restrictions, so be sure to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file on the site.

How can I shrink an article so it fits on a sheet of paper for printing?

If you encounter a Web page or other document that doesn't quite fit when printed, you can usually reduce its size for printing purposes. To do this, click File > Print Setup or Printer Settings. The wording and location may vary, so click any Options or Advanced buttons, as well. When you locate the Scale: field, enter a percentage by which the document should be reduced for printing. For example, try printing a document at 75 percent of its original size. If you have the option, select "Shrink to Fit" and your document will automatically be resized to fit the printed page.

If you encounter a situation where some text is cut off on the right side of the printed page, click File > Print Setup and select the Landscape orientation, as opposed to the traditional Portrait orientation. This will cause the page to print across the widest dimension of the paper.

I'd like to print the contacts in my Outlook Express address book. How can I do that?

It's easy: Start by opening your Address Book, then clicking File > Print. If you just want to print telephone numbers, click Selection > Phone List on the Print Options screen, then select the number of copies followed by OK. If you want to print everything in your address book, select All. The print settings are similar in Windows Mail.

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